In 1927, 22-years-old Nitiang or Tiang Chirathivat, traversed the sea from Hainan in the Mainland China to settle down in Siam. He married Khun Whan and had the first child, Hokseng. In that days no one could imagine that the little family would turn a new page of Thai merchant history.
The business family began as a tiny retail outlet in Thonburi area, Bangkok until now growing up to Central Retail Corporation Ltd.

We never stop stepping over steadily

Central Retail Corporation is at the forefront when it comes to developing innovative and diverse retail formats. We are seeking for quality products and services to affiliate customers more than 60 years. Our people offer an ideal combination of asian experience and international expertise. What was originally a small family- run company has evolved into a group of experienced professionals, while senior managers regularly receive training abroad in modern merchandising, marketing and operation techniques.


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