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Eye Make-up Removers
Clarins designed two Eye eliminates make-up & strengthens the eye lashes.

Instant Eye make-up Remover

Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Cleansing & Toning
Cleansing Milks: Designed as real skin care treatments, Clarins Cleansing Milks and Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream remove makeup and impurities and are enriched with plant extracts with treatment properties. To be applied in the Clarins

Cleansing Milk with Apine Herbs for Normal to Dry Skin

Cleansing Milk with Gentian

Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream

Toning Lotions : Rich in natural plant extracts and alcohol-free, Clarins Toning Lotions complete make-up removal by neutralizing the drying effects of hard water and treat the skin.

Toning Lotion with Camomile for
Normal to Dry Skin

Toning Lotion with Iris for
Combination to Oily Skin

Extra Comfort Toning Lotion

Gentle Foaming Cleansers
For women who prefer water-rinse cleansing, Clarins designed 4 cleansing care treatments, rich in natural plant extracts, which respects skin’s natural balance and neutralize the drying effects of hard water

Gentle Foaming Cleanser with shea butter for dry to sensitive skin

Gentle Foaming Cleaner with Cotton
seed for normal to combination skin

Gentle Foaming Cleanser with
Tamarind and Purifying Micro Pearls
for Combination to Oily Skin

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