Parcos, a leader in the Indian luxury beauty retail segment, has now gone live with their new digital content IP – LUXEZINE.

Luxezine is the convergence of luxury & editorial content, that will only further the existing authority of Parcos, in the field of luxury beauty.

Expert content is one of the key levers to build trust and confidence for us at Parcos. Beauty is transcending boundaries, and though the Luxezine content is primarily in English, it will appeal to readers, both internationally and Indian

Luxezine is targeted towards the aspiring luxury beauty consumer, existing beauty enthusiasts, and to the Parcos customer base, comprising of luxury loyalists, who are always keen on educating themselves and their understanding about sophisticated brands, versatile usage of products, and finding the right assortment to fit their lifestyle requirements. These beauty enthusiasts, whether they have intent to shop, or are just browsing to educate themselves, will find value in the articles.

Luxezine aims to leverage authentic brand content, to build trust in existing and prospect consumers of Parcos, to be synonymous as an authentic luxury beauty retailer, and guide the consumer towards their purchase decision, via a strong and credible editorial team, that aims at adding a weekly upload of fresh articles, in order to keep up with the current trends and news in the beauty space. The Luxezine team will diligently and consistently, monitor the gaps in understanding the luxury beauty business.

Kadambari Lakhani, Director, Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd. and Ex-Beauty Editor, Elle Magazine, India, says –

“It’s a very exciting time in India, for the beauty consumer. Today, they have so many buying options, that the beauty enthusiast is absolutely spoilt for choice. The flip side is, that the multiple options, can be very confusing to the end user. Luxezine is a great platform, to help educate consumers, and assist them in choosing the right brands and products. We hope that this platform, soon becomes every consumer’s go-to guide, to stay up to speed on beauty trends, new product launches, and advice from international and Indian beauty experts on skincare, make-up, and fragrances.”

Villoo Daji, Sr. Vice President, Group Marketing, Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd. says, “At Parcos, we have redefined luxury beauty, using innovative approaches to connect and engage consumers. In today’s world, influence and recommendations plays a superior role in the world of communication for Gen Z customers. Thus, we are happy to introduce a one stop destination, called Luxezine, to integrate and be an authentic platform, that will bring International brand content for easy search by consumers, build trust in existing and new consumers, and thus guide them in their informed purchase decision. It will provide credible information, in real-time via educative information and news, access to expert opinions, updates about new launches in the beauty industry, brand offers, curated lists and much more for customers to make a purchase decision about international brands."

The Luxezine team strongly believes, that the credibility of the content, is key to the success of the blog, and hence, has been carefully curated, with editorial contributions, from a plethora of beauty journalists and editors, relevant KOLs, beauty brand owners, and beauty industry insiders

Luxezine will provide authentic and credible information in real time, as it is happening across the globe, via educative information and news, access to expert opinions, updates about new launches in the beauty industry, brands, offers, discounts, curated lists, based on persona, affinity, festivals and occasions, which simplify their shopping experience, among much more.


The name ‘Luxezine’ denotes that this is the editorial destination for luxury beauty. It is a portmanteau of the words ‘Luxury’ and ‘Magazine’. It is a marriage of the Parcos brand principals, along with strong editorial integrity.


The Luxezine logo establishes the IP, as an extension of the Parcos brand identity, while maintaining the property’s individual identity. The Luxezine logo, is an extension of the Parcos design language, consisting of a sleek, clean font and a dot on the “I”– which are a core part of the Parcos aesthetic.


Established in 2004, Parcos has been synonymous with global luxury, prestige, and authentic beauty products. To deliver a holistic omnichannel experience to its consumers, Parcos, which has over 50 brick and mortar stores, recently launched, its online shopping destination for luxury fragrances, beauty, and wellness products with a promise to deliver products to all pin codes across the country.

Parcos has always worked very closely with influencers in India to nurture international partnerships, showcasing brands such as the SHISEIDO GROUP, L'OREAL, PUIG, COTY, INTERPARFUMS & many others. This pioneering step by Parcos will nurture talent, provide a platform to the rising community of beauty and lifestyle influencers in India and provide them exposure to international brands within the Parcos family.

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