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At Baccarose, we consider training, product education, and effective communication as the foundation of successful sales strategies. Our team of over 1800+ beauty consultants and trainers exemplify our unwavering commitment to excellence in counter sales, customer service, and store management, ensuring your brand's prominent presence and visibility.

Our dedicated training team is focused on continuous development, providing consultants and store staff with comprehensive brand knowledge, advanced communication tools, and exclusive selling insights, positioning them at the forefront of industry expertise. With these invaluable resources, our team consistently delivers exceptional results for your brand.

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    In-House Training Facilities Across India

    A dedicated in-house team of 1800+ trainers and beauty consultants who plan and execute training across geographies pan-India, at scale.

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    Experienced Team Of Trainers With 3-Axis Expertise

    An experienced team of trainers with 3-Axis expertise that covers fragrance, skincare, and make up. From customer service, to rolling out training for the front-end sales staff on product & soft skills.

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    Exclusive Trainers For Brands

    We work in collaboration with international brand teams to develop their team of managers, sales consultants, and shop assistants in India. We leverage industry and cultural insights to help translate international guidelines and practices to match the expectations of the Indian consumer.

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